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TAFF: The TransAtlantic Fan Fund
Group Photo – 2010

TAFF winners at Corflu Cobalt

This group photograph of all available TAFF winners, past and present, was taken at Corflu Cobalt (Winchester, UK) in March 2010. From left to right: James Bacon (2004), Sue Mason (2000), Steve Stiles (1968), Suzanne Tompkins (2005), Tobes Valois (2002, kneeling), Avedon Carol (1983, hiding), Christina Lake (1988 joint), Peter Weston (1974, kneeling), Rob Hansen (1984), Lilian Edwards (1988 joint), Dave Langford (1980), Brian Gray (2010 joint), Anne KG Murphy (2010 joint; now Anne Gray ), Jeanne Bowman (1992), Steve Green (2009).

Photo credit: Mike Scott, with thanks for permission to copy the image from his Flickr page here.