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“Nothing”: A TAFF Trip to America, 1982

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith surprised the fannish world by publishing his TAFF report after a forty-year delay on 10 August 2022. It appeared on his own website and can be read online:

Although there is no downloadable ebook version here at the TAFF site, Nothing is listed to make it more widely visible and encourage TAFF donations from those who enjoy it – and also because there’s a print version too. Covers and interior layout designed by Kevin himself with a little bit of POD setup help from Ansible Editions. The book’s front cover appears at the left: the artwork is by Jim Barker (first published 1981, remastered by Jim in September 2022). All proceeds from book sales go to TAFF.

• Details of the 1982 TAFF race and voting can be found here.

From the back cover

In 1982, Kevin Smith won the TAFF race to America, to attend Chicon IV, the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago, and travel the country meeting sf fans.

Forty years on, he finally got round to writing about it.

“Not a dream, not a hoax, not an imaginary tale! A TAFF report by Kevin Smith, as I live and breathe. Congratulations on finally getting it out, and a fun read it was.” (Rob Hansen)

“Congratulations! There has certainly been much ado about Nothing in fannish circles, at least the greyer ones. Crogglement, as John Clute would say, exfoliates.” (David Langford)

“Your achievement in finally publishing a trip report after such a long time is rare indeed and breaks the previous record for gap length – held by the late Steve Stiles – by one year.” (Moshe Feder)