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From the TAFF ballot form: The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund was created in 1953 for the purpose of providing funds to bring well-known and popular [science fiction] fans familiar to those on both sides of the ocean across the Atlantic. Since that time TAFF has regularly brought North American fans to European conventions and European fans to North American conventions. TAFF exists solely through the support of fandom. The candidates are voted on by interested fans all over the world, and each vote is accompanied by a donation [...] These votes, and the continued generosity of fandom, are what make TAFF possible. (See past and present ballot forms for more.)

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  • Europe: Incoming: Johan Anglemark, Lingonv. 10, SE-74340 Storvreta, Sweden. Email EUTAFF (at) gmail.com.
  • North America: John Purcell, 3744 Marielene Circle, College Station, TX 77845, USA. Email 2017taff2019 (at) gmail.com.
  • Email both administrators

TAFF Archive

TAFF Reports in Printed Form

    General note: These may still be available, if not otherwise specified, from one or other of the current TAFF administrators as above.
  • Tobes Taff Ting, extracted by torture from Tobes Valois at the 2005 UK Eastercon and published April 2005.
  • WorldConNomicon, James Bacon's lightning 2004 report (40pp A4, small print with many photographs) is available from him: £5/Euro7/$9 inclusive of postage, to 211 Blackhorse Ave, Dublin 7, Ireland. For those on the UK mainland, Claire Brialey adds: "We have a stock of James Bacon's TAFF trip reports here, for easier payment and posting to people who want them in the UK. The same price of five quid including p&p applies (cheques can be made payable either to me or to James himself) ... 59 Shirley Road, Croydon, Surrey CR0 7ES." Available in the USA from the TAFF administrator(s). Also now a free PDF download from this site.
  • Snufkin Goes West, Maureen Kincaid Speller's collected 'Notes from the TAFF Trail' – not the full trip report, which is to follow – has a tasty Sue Mason cover; 10pp A4; £1.50 (cheques to Maureen Speller) or $3 (cheques to Roger Robinson) from Fishlifter Press, 14 Northway Rd, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 6JE. Originally issued in four instalments which can be read on this site.
  • Have Bag, Will Travel is the 1996 TAFF trip report by Martin Tudor, who published it while still in office (it takes the average Langford five years, and the average Hansen ten). £5 post free from Martin Tudor at 22 Ravensbourne Gro, Willenhall, W.Midlands, WV13 1HX, or from Mark Plummer at London pub meetings. No longer available in the USA.
  • On The TAFF Trail, Rob Hansen's 1984 trip report. See Free Ebooks page.
  • The TransAtlantic Hearing Aid, Dave Langford's 1980 trip report, was published by Rob Jackson's Inca Press in 1985 and remains available from Dave Langford, 94 London Road, Reading, Berks, RG1 5AU. This is a 74pp (plus card covers) A5 booklet illustrated with splendid cartoons by Atom, Jim Barker, Brad Foster, Alexis Gilliland, Rob Hansen, Stu Shiffman, Dan Steffan, Taral, and D. West. £5/$10 post free. Proceeds to TAFF. Available in the USA from the TAFF administrator(s). See also Free Ebooks page.
  • New Routes in America, Peter Roberts's at-last-completed 1977 trip report – now running to 30,000 words, with copious cartoons and five new concluding chapters written in 1999 – was published in December 1999; A4 softbound, 32pp small print plus covers, prelims and binder. Currently OUT OF PRINT. But see Free Ebooks page.
  • The Moffat House Abroad, Len & June Moffatt's 1973 trip report. Available in the USA from the TAFF administrator(s).
  • TAFF Tales, Ken Bulmer's 1955 trip report, was finally published as a single volume in 1998. 17,000 words. Currently OUT OF PRINT. But see Free Ebooks page.

Announcements & Updates

1 October 2018 Here is the official PDF newsletter announcing the opening of nominations for the 2019 TAFF race.

10 September 2018 The administrators John Purcell and Johan Anglemark announce that TAFF nominations for the 2019 eastbound race (whose winner is to attend the Dublin Worldcon) will open on 1 October 2018, closing on 22 November 2018, with votes accepted from 1 December 2018 to the closing date of 22 April 2019. Candidates need three North American and two European nominators and must also provide a platform of not more than 101 words and $20 USD bond sent via PayPal to 2017taff2019 [at] gmail dot com. • A more detailed newsletter announcement is in preparation.

August 2018 This year's delegate Johan Anglemark is recording progress at his 2018 TAFF trip blog. John Purcell reports good results from the ArmadilloCon 40 auction.

July 2018 TAFF News Special Report gives details of 2018 delegate Johan Anglemark's trip itinerary. • Jim Mowatt has more good news about his trip report (see 26 April below): "'I have recently sent copies of my 2013 TAFF report to SCIFI and FANAC and both happily paid 500 dollars each into the TAFF coffers, so helping us to keep sending more delegates across the ocean to strengthen the science fictional bonds that enhance our community. Many thanks to both these fine organisations for their encouragement and support for the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund." An ebook version is in preparation.

26 April 2018 Jim Mowatt announces publication of his 2013 TAFF Report, Wherever I Lay My Hat!: "After years of desperate procrastination the report of my 2013 TAFF trip to North America is now complete. It tells the tale of my visits to Toronto, Abingdon, Seattle, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Antonio (Worldcon) and New Orleans. It features art from (in order of appearance) Alan White, Al Sirois, Stu Shiffman, Carrie Mowatt, D. West, Taral Wayne, Brad Foster, Allison Hershey, Ulf Skei, Valeri Purcell, Julie McMurray and Anne Stokes. There are many fine full colour photos of frolicking fans and I’ve even shoved a few words in there. I’m recommending a donation to Taff of about 20 pounds (28 or 29 dollars) and you can donate using the Taff donations buttons at taff.org.uk. Email me, jim (at) umor.co.uk or John Purcell at 2017taff2019 (at) gmail.com and we’ll post out a copy."

Jim Mowatt's trip report

15 April 2018 John Purcell's TAFF News #6.

6 April 2018 John Purcell's interim TAFF release includes voting statistics.

4 April 2018 John Purcell has announced the 2018 TAFF race result, and the winner is Johan Anglemark. Full voting details to follow. (With the current race over, the online voting form remains on view but is no longer accepting votes.)

28 January 2018 Yet another newsletter from North American administrator John Purcell: TAFF News #4.

January 2018 Happy New Year! New Year's Day sees two momentous changes to this site's free ebooks page. First, by popular demand of a few persistent fans, all titles are now available in PDF format (a quick-and-dirty conversion rather than proper digital typesetting, I'm afraid; more here). Even more first, True Rat: The Beast of Leroy Kettle, edited as usual by Rob Hansen, collects the greatest hits from Roy Kettle's peak fanwriting years in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Christmas 2017 In John Purcell's TAFF News #3, the three 2018 TAFF candidates are asked probing questions and reveal their inmost secrets. With photographs!

December 2017 Voting is now open (to close on 3 April 2018) for the 2018 westbound TAFF race, bringing a European fan to Worldcon 76 in San José, California. Candidates are Johan Anglemark, Fia Karlsson and Helena McCallum (Adela Terrell): Online voting form. Ballot. Platforms. PDF ballot. See John Purcell's full announcement in TAFF News #2.

More at the free ebooks page: fan historian Rob Hansen has collected the late Frank Arnold's articles, memoirs and reviews (mostly unpublished), as The Frank Arnold Papers with introductions by Rob and Michael Moorcock; and David Langford has edited The Complete Skyrack by Ron Bennett, collecting all issues of Ron's indispensable 1960s UK fan newsletter plus several bonus items.

November 2017 Nominations are now open (to close on 30 November) for the 2018 westbound TAFF race, bringing a European fan to Worldcon 76 in San José, California. See John Purcell's TAFF News #1. • More at the free ebooks page: Graham Charnock's Running Amok in the Fun Factory brings together his favourite UK convention reports by various hands, while fan historian Rob Hansen has collected William F. (Bill) Temple's 1938-1960 humorous fanzine writing as Temple at the Bar. • A new page on this site: TAFF Newsletters, listing all known newsletters and progress reports in chronological order with links where possible.

October 2017 Another title added to the free ebooks page: Greg Pickersgill's Can't Get Off the Island, a collection of his fanwriting edited and published by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer for the 2005 Glasgow Worldcon at which he was fan guest of honour. Still more ebooks are in the pipeline, several edited by indefatigable fan historian Rob Hansen– announcements will follow here and in Ansible. Meanwhile the freebies page has been titivated with linked cover-and-description pages for every title (so each has its own permalink as for Greg's ebook above) and a gallery of all the covers. • Joe Siclari of fanac.org has kindly sent scans of several old TAFF newsletters not previously hosted here. The first to go up in our traditional web-page form is Eric Bentcliffe's TAFF Reporter TAFF Reporter #1, May 1962.

August 2017 TAFF winner John Purcell attended Worldcon 75 in Helsinki, toured and visited fans in other countries before and after, returned to the USA with 5,862 photographs, and now takes over the role of North American administrator from Curt Phillips. See left-hand column for his official contact address and TAFF-specific email. • Anna Raftery reports: "Nearly €2,300 was raised for the fan funds at the Helsinki Worldcon: €1,994 from the auction and the remainder from the fan fund table and donations. Some items were sold for specific funds but the majority of the cash raised was split evenly, with DUFF thus getting €660.80 in total, TAFF €778.30, and GUFF €838.30." (Email, 28 August)

July 2017 Now available at Free Ebooks: the TAFF Trip Report Anthology, bringing together all the instalments of unfinished and abandoned TAFF reports that have been archived on this site over the years, plus single "teaser" chapters from reports still actively in progress (see below). The final length is 130,000 words. Many thanks to all the friends of TAFF who have helped with this mighty compilation!

June 2017 More trip report instalments from past TAFF winners are now hosted here: thanks to Ulrika O'Brien (1998), Anne and Brian Gray (2010) and John Coxon (2011) for single "teaser" chapters from their reports-in-progress, and to Steve Green (2009) for the three chapters which are probably all that will appear of his report. Further thanks to the Locus editorial team for approving the use of Elliot K. Shorter's 1970 Worldcon report as TAFF delegate, published in Locus in its fanzine days. See also the 23 May post below. All this material has been added to TAFF: The Anthology, an ebook-in-progress which at 129,000 words is virtually complete and destined for the Free Ebooks page. More new additions there include Ansible Second Series 1991-2000 and Ansible Second Series 2001-2010, two massive compilations each presenting ten years of the infamous newsletter; but the agog fannish world will have to wait a bit longer for Ansible Second Series 2011-2020.

28 May 2017 John Purcell writes: "Here are the core dates when my wife and I are going to and from Europe for WorldCon 75. The goal here is to see who and what we can meet, see, and do during our travels [...] As things progress, I shall keep all and sundry notified."

  • July 13: leaving Houston, TX
  • July 14: arriving Manchester, England
  • Probably staying in UK (England and Wales) to end of July (28th?)
  • July 29/Aug 1-7: traveling through Europe (France, Netherlands, ?)
  • August 8-14: WorldCon 75 in Helsinki, Finland
  • August 15-19: traveling back to Manchester, England
  • August 20: depart Manchester for Houston

23 May 2017 It's ages since any new TAFF report chapters were added to this site; the tendency these days is for them to appear in online fanzines (mainly at eFanzines.com) duly linked from the All the Past TAFF Races page. However, the TAFF site now hosts "teaser" chapters from Jim Mowatt (2013) and Curt Phillips (2014), with more expected before long. • New at Free Ebooks: Walt Willis's The Harp at Chicon, the first long segment of his The Harp Stateside as published in Quandry (1952). Later: Also John Berry's The Goon Omnibus, being his "Goon Bleary/Goon Defective Agency" fanfiction as collected in the 1993 volumes The Bleary Eyes 1 and 2.

May 2017 Congratulations to Jacq Monahan on finishing and publishing her TAFF report, Same Planet Different World: Jacq's TAFF Adventure in the UK. • By special arrangement with James Shields, James Bacon's 2004 TAFF trip report WorldConNomicon is now available as a free PDF download from this site. (18+ megabytes, so take care if you have a slow net connection.) • The Free Ebooks download page now caters for PDF as well as e-reader formats, so WorldConNomicon and Chris Garcia's report – the latter long available from elsewhere on this site – can both be found there. More to follow!

18 April 2017 2017 TAFF voting closed last night, and after much counting and recounting the administrators announced today that John Purcell won by just one vote. The detailed release is here.

February 2017 In addition to their 2017 TAFF ballot platforms, all three candidates have since posted campaign material online. Click on each name for more: Sarah Gulde, Alissa McKersie, John Purcell. • TAFF voting has been extended from the former 4 March deadline to the end of the UK Eastercon on 17 April. See the official press release.

December 2017 The 2017 TAFF ballot has been released and voting is open. HTML and PDF versions are archived on this site. The 2017 candidates are Sarah Gulde, Alissa McKersie and John Purcell. Online voting using PayPal seems slightly buggy as described here; if PayPal doesn't offer the option to add comments or instructions you may need to email your voting preferences to the appropriate administrator as well. • Here's a reminder that SCIFI still offers a $500 donation to TAFF for any trip report of reasonable length completed within five years of the trip: http://www.scifiinc.org/grants/.

October 2016 Nominations are now open for the 2017 race from North America to Worldcon 75 in Helsinki, Finland. Official release here.

31 March 2016 Here's the official newsletter with full details of the results and the list of voters: TAFFWorld #6, April 2016.

30 March 2016 Jim Mowatt announces (voting figures slightly amended 31 March): "And the Taff result is in: Anna Raftery 94 votes, Wolf von Witting 82 votes, No Preference 14 votes. Therefore Anna is the new Taff delegate and will be visiting North America later this year to attend MidAmeriCon II and hopefully visiting some other fannish abodes. Many congratulations and a warm welcome to our new Taff delegate.

"Many commiserations to Wolf who was a brilliant candidate and has done an incredible amount of work amongst fans from many countries to raise the profile of TAFF in continental Europe. As Nina will testify, the fan fund isn't very well known in some parts of Europe so it can be quite difficult to engage your fellow fans if they aren't very familiar with the TransAtlantic Fan Fund. Wolf moved mountains and came within just 10 votes of claiming the prize. A stunning campaign and a monumental achievement. In many other years the number of votes he managed to get would have taken him comfortably to the victory podium. Wolf, we salute you."

March 2016 Jim Mowatt's TAFFWorld #5 urges everyone to vote in the current race before the 29 March deadline.

December 2016 Jim Mowatt opens the new race: "Emerging from the shadows our two candidates enter the ring. Anna Raftery and Wolf von Witting. The prize, a trip across the Atlantic to meet lots of fine fannish folk and strengthen the bonds of friendship between Europe and North America. They limber up and then stroll across to the centre of the ring. The administrators issue their instructions. 'No kicking, no biting, no headbutting and no gouging. Now break and let's have a good clean fight.' Let it commence. Everyone please start voting. The ballot form is available and you can vote online using the TAFF Vote buttons at http://tafftrip.com/taff-ballot-2016/." Also PDF ballot here.

November 2015 Jim Mowatt's TAFFWorld #4 carries a more detailed announcement of the 2016 race. Also, photos of Nina Horvath having fun!

23 October 2015 Jim Mowatt announces the plans for 2016 and after: "TAFF race East to West in 2016 The TAFF admins (Nina Horvath, Curt Phillips and Jim Mowatt) have been discussing the forthcoming races and have taken the decision to switch direction and run another East/West race for 2016. This means we are currently looking for nominees from Europe to visit North America in 2016 and to attend MidAmericon II in Kansas City on the 17th to 21st August. The knock-on effect of this decision is that the 2017 race will be West to East so that we can send someone from North America to Helsinki. This would also mean that we are going in the right direction to aim for New Orleans or San José in 2018 and Dublin in 2019. So onwards we go – To Kansas City and Beyond. It’s TAFF nomination time." Comment, if you will, at File 770.

25 August 2015 Ulrika O'Brien reports on the combined fan funds auction at Worldcon. In brief: $1870.00 was raised, of which $747.00 was allotted to TAFF.

August 2015 Nina Horvath's 2015 TAFF trip itinerary has been released and posted at File 770.

July 2015 David Langford has published another ebook of (mostly) fanzine writings: Don't Try This At Home: Selected Convention Reports. For each copy sold, one pound goes to TAFF.

June 2015 The free ebooks page has had several additions since its launch in May: Chris Evans's post-1987-Worldcon symposium Conspiracy Theories, Rob Hansen's history of UK fandom THEN, and David Langford's personal fanthology Wrath of the Fanglord.

May 2015 A new page at this site: free ebooks! Just a few completed TAFF trip reports and other items of fannish memorabilia. More may be added.

12 April 2015 Jim Mowatt's TAFFWorld #3 has the voting breakdown for the just-concluded race, showing Nina Horvath's clear win by a first-round majority.

10 April 2015 Nina Horvath is the 2015 TAFF winner. File 770 has the announcement and figures.

April 2015 The candidates in the current race are mercilessly questioned in Jim Mowatt's TAFFWorld #2.

1 January 2015 The 2015 westbound race has begun precisely on time, with candidates Nina Horvath and Wolf von Witting. Online voting here, continuing to Tuesday 7 April. Also PDF ballot form.

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