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DUFF was founded in 1972 to create and strengthen links between North American and Australasian fandom by a TAFF-like exchange of elected delegates. (See a sample ballot form for more.) This page on the (unofficial) British TAFF site doesn't pretend to be a complete DUFF source – just an archive of recent ballot forms where available, with occasional links to DUFF references in North America and Australasia. I will be happy to add HTML or PDF versions of missing ballots if anyone cares to send them. – David Langford

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    Current Administrators
  • North America: Erin Underwood, erin.m.underwood at gmail dot com.
  • Australasia: Marlee Jane Ward, Australia. Email address: marleejaneward at gmail dot com.

Past DUFF Races

DUFF Ballots

  • 2020 (southbound) PDF
  • 2017 (southbound) PDF
  • 2016 (northbound) PDF
  • 2014 (southbound) PDF
  • 2013 (northbound) PDF
  • 2012 (southbound) PDF
  • 2010 (southbound) PDF
  • 2009 (northbound) PDF
  • 2008 (southbound) PDF
  • 2005 (southbound)
  • 2002 (northbound)
  • 2001 (southbound)
  • 2000 (northbound)
  • 1999 (southbound)
  • 1997 (southbound)
  • 1972 (southbound) – the first race


April 2024 Erin Underwood, the 2020 DUFF winner, was unable to travel but attended the virtual ConZealand. The next DUFF race has yet to be announced.

1 April 2020 Erin Underwood wins DUFF.

January 2020 DUFF 2020 candidates and ballot.

1 December 2019 DUFF 2020 nominations open.

December 2018 Too long between updates here. It has been announced that there will no 2019 DUFF 2019 race.

February 2017 2018 DUFF voting is now open, with only one candidate: Marlee Jane Ward. The deadline is 31 March 2018.

December 2017 Nominations are open for the 2018 northbound DUFF race, closing on 31 January.

September 2017 Paul Weimer writes: "The 2017 Down Under Fan Fund Report is now available for a $7.00 donation at my website, https://www.princejvstin.com/buy-a-print-or-image/the-2017-down-under-fan-fund-report."

January 2017 Online ballot for the 2017 DUFF race, southbound from North America to the Australian NatCon in June there is only one candidate, Paul Weimer.

December 2016 2017 DUFF nominations open, closing 22 January.

March 2016 Online ballot for the 2016 DUFF race, northbound from Australasia to MidAmeriCon II in Kansas City: there is only one candidate, Clare McDonald-Sims.

June 2015 Lucy Huntzinger has set up a DUFF Central site for fund information as a WordPress blog at https://downunderfanfund.wordpress.com/. Keep watching the skies!

April 2015 There will be no 2015 DUFF race. Julian Warner and Justin Ackroyd are assisting Australasian administrator Bill Wright. Lucy Huntzinger is now acting as North American DUFF administrator, since the most recent NA winner Juanita Coulson is unable to handle the work.

26 May 2014 Juanita Coulson's DUFF itinerary.

May 2014 The winner of the 2014 southbound race is Juanita Coulson, as reported at length in File 770.

January 2014 Voting in the 2014 southbound race from North America to Australasia is now open, with candidates Aurora Celeste and Juanita Coulson. Here is the 2014 DUFF ballot in PDF format. Voting deadline: 31 March 2014. • Later: Marty Cantor points out that the second paragraph of the ballot text opens "In 2014 the DUFF delegate will go west." – where "west" should read "south".

November 2013 2014 DUFF nominations are open, closing on 6 January. Full details at File 770.

June 2013 Bill Wright is the 2013 DUFF winner, as announced by File 770.

April 2013 DUFF 2013 ballot released. Northbound race from Australasia to LoneStarCon, the 2013 Texas Worldcon. Candidates are Clare McDonald-Sims and Bill Wright.

May 2012 DUFF 2012 voting opens, with highly controversial time-frame: just two weeks for voting, campaigning and fundraising; winner has at most one week to organize travel to the Australian National Convention. • DUFF 2012 ballot

June 2011 David Cake is the winner of this year's DUFF race.

April 2011 2011 northbound race candidates announced: David Cake and Paula McGrath. Ballot form available.

April 2010 John Hertz wins DUFF.

22 February 2010 Uploaded an amended PDF ballot with some typo fixes.

8 February 2010 DUFF 2010 site with online voting. The TAFF site hosts another copy of the PDF ballot. Candidates are Jeffrey Boman, Terry Fong, John Hertz, Melanie Herz and John Purcell.

2 February 2010 The ballot page for this year's southbound DUFF race is under construction here (thanks to Jean Weber) and will soon be live.

December 2009 Nominations are open for the 2010 southbound race (North America to Aussiecon 4) and will close on 31 January 2010. Contact the NA administrators. There appears to be no official online presence for DUFF 2010, but here's a copy of the announcement at File 770.

March 2009 PDF ballot for 2009 race.

January 2009 The 2009 DUFF Race is announced – nominations close 15 March, voting 17 May.

February 2008 Steve and Sue Francis announced as 2008 DUFF winners.

December 2007 Southbound race announced with 31 January 2008 deadline. Ballot here.

November 2005 Norman Cates unveils the DUFF 2007 website.

April 2005 Joe Siclari is the winner of the 2005 southbound race.