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GUFF was created as The Get Up-and-over Fan Fund in 1978, to complete the triangle whose existing sides were TAFF (the TransAtlantic Fan Fund, which sends sf fans between Europe and North America) and DUFF (Down Under Fan Fund, running between North America and Australia/New Zealand). Of necessity, the name changes to Going Under Fan Fund for southbound trips. (See sample ballot for more.)

GUFF Archive

    Current Administrators
  • Europe: Alison Scott – guffeurope at gmail dot com.
  • Australasia/Oceania: Simon Litten – littenz at gmail dot com. Incoming: Kat Clay.


27 April 2024 Email from administrator Alison Scott: "The GUFF race has concluded and we are delighted to announce that Kat Clay will be the 2024 GUFF delegate and will attend Glasgow 2024: a Worldcon for Our Futures. We hope she'll enjoy the convention and take the opportunity to visit fans across Europe." Kat Clay won by a simple first-round majority with 42 votes to Ian Nichols's 32 (7 No Preference).

26 March 2024 The 2024 GUFF race is now on, with candidates Kat Clay and Ian Nichols (both from Australia) contending for the GUFF trip to the Glasgow Worldcon on 8-12 August 2024. Here are links to the PDF ballot with candidates' platforms, and to the online voting form. Voting closes on 22 April, 23:59 British Summer Time; see ballot for other time zones.

20 February 2024 GUFF administrators Alison Scott and Simon Litten have announced a new northbound race for 2024, whose winner will travel from Oceania (Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia) to the Glasgow Worldcon on 8-12 August 2024. As usual candidates need to find nominators (two from Europe and three from Oceania), provide a platform of no more than 100 words to appear on the ballot, and deposit bond (AU$25 or NZ$25 with the administrators. The full announcement has been posted at File 770.

August 2023 Alison Scott, the 2020 GUFF winner, is at last making her delayed Australian trip this year – arriving in Sydney on 26 September, flying home from Perth on 30 October.

February 2022 Alison Scott is still waiting until it feels likely that a lengthy trip to Australia and New Zealand would not be significantly disrupted by border closures and lockdowns – that looks most likely to be during 2023 at this point. Donations to GUFF remain welcome; we expect the cost of travel to be significantly higher over the next few years than it has been recently.

October 2020 Just to catch up: Alison Scott was the 2020 GUFF winner but was unable to travel physically to the New Zealand Worldcon (CoNZealand), which could not be held as expected owing to the coronavirus pandemic. She made a spectacular virtual trip to the online Worldcon and other antipodean locations, and will follow up with actual travel when this becomes possible. • Marcin Klak has handed over the GUFF Europe email address to Alison: guffeurope at gmail dot com.

19 January 2020 GUFF 2020 candidates and ballot.

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